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What Young Professionals did to generate 107.3k web traffic?


Young Professionals issued digital certificates for the conferences, webinars, work experience programs, apprenticeships using Certopus to certify students. Not only were they able to simplify mass certificate issuance but also they were able to drive traffic to their website by making their certificates as a free referral machine.


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Young Professionals is a network that connects students with exciting and rewarding career opportunities. Whether you want to gain valuable work experience, learn new skills, or find your dream job, Young Professionals can help you achieve your goals. Young Professionals works with leading employers and organisations to offer apprenticeships, internships, mentoring, and training programs across various sectors and industries for students. Young Professionals is not just a network, it is a platform that enables you to discover your passions, develop your potential, and make a difference in the world. Young Professionals is the ultimate destination for students who want to accelerate their careers.


Young Professionals being UK and Ireland’s leading student network, helps thousands of students to accelerate their careers in apprenticeship and work experience programs. To achieve this, they need to issue digital certificates for their conferences, work experience programs, apprenticeships, webinars, and other events that can help students build credibility to get employed. However, issuing digital certificates in bulk can be a daunting and tedious task, especially when dealing with large numbers of attendees, different types of events, and various certificate designs. Young Professionals faced the following major pain points during issuing certificates in bulk:

Scalability issues: Young Professionals had to issue tens of thousands of certificates every year for their various events and programs. This was a huge challenge in terms of scalability and cost, as they had to find or build a platform that could handle such a volume of certificates without compromising on quality, security, or speed.

Difficulty in verification and sharing: Young Professionals wanted to ensure that their certificates could be easily verified and shared by their attendees on social media platforms like LinkedIn. However, they faced difficulties in complying with important digital credentials standards for their verifiability. They also had no way to track or measure the reach and impact of their certificates across various platforms or networks.

Branding: Young Professionals felt finding a platform that could help them issue certificates with their own branding and host them on their own website as a challenge as available solutions offered white-labelling to a certain extent only. They wanted the certificates to look like a native part of their website and not like a third-party service they relied on. They also wanted the certificates to look as professional as possible.

“We have been working with Certopus for a few years and have been so impressed with their certificate issuing platform. We run many events and work experience programmes for students and it's great to easily issue certificates on mass scale at once to our students which they in turn share on LinkedIn and use on their resumes. Raj and his team are highly responsive and support us whenever we need this.”

Dan Miller

Dan Miller

Founder and CEO


Young Professionals was able to recognize Certopus as an ideal solution due to it's ability to handle high-volume certificate issuance seamlessly. Additionally, Certopus empowered them to host certificates directly on their website with customizable branding, aligning perfectly with Young Professionals' requirements. Since onboarding in 2022, they continued using Certopus and getting desirable returns like:

Effortless certificate issuance: Certopus streamlines the certificate issuance process, enabling Young Professionals to manage thousands of certificates efficiently and effortlessly. The process which took days now takes a few minutes.

Enhanced accessibility: Certificates are readily accessible on the Young Professionals website, providing convenient access for certificate holders. Young Professionals don't have to worry about balancing the load for the certificate web pages.

Strong brand identity: Customizable branding options within Certopus ensure certificates seamlessly reflect Young Professionals' unique brand identity with highest degree of white-labelling.

High satisfaction: The combined benefits of efficiency, accessibility, and brand consistency have led to high satisfaction for Young Professionals, prompting them to continue their partnership with Certopus.


Young Professionals leveraged Certopus to streamline their certificate issuance process and enhance student engagement. The results speak volumes: 29.9K certificates issued, with 18.8K students mentioning Young Professionals on their LinkedIn profiles. This showcased Young Professionals' value proposition to a wider audience, attracting 107.3K high-intent website visitors.

In essence, Certopus transformed Young Professionals' certificate issuance process from a manual burden into a streamlined, efficient system. By ensuring accessibility and brand consistency, Certopus empowered Young Professionals to deliver a more professional and user-friendly experience for their certificate holders, ultimately contributing to their overall success.

This is an example of one of a Young Professionals' white-labelled certificate issued using Certopus.

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