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How Qualistery got 4.2k mentions on LinkedIn using Certopus.


Qualistery issued digital certificates for the webinars using Certopus to certify attendance of the webinar attendees, making the process seamless and derive marketing value from certificates.


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Qualistery is a leading provider of GMP webinars and courses for pharma professionals who want to stay updated with the latest regulations and best practices in the industry. By joining Qualistery’s free and live online events, you can learn from top experts in the field of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and connect with other like-minded professionals. Whether you are looking for an introduction to GMP, a refresher course, or a deep dive into a specific topic, Qualistery has something for you. You can also request customized training sessions for your company or organization. Qualistery’s mission is to make high-quality GMP education free and accessible worldwide, so that you can produce safe and effective drugs for your customers.


As Qualistery aims to deliver high-quality and engaging GMP education that is compliant with current regulations and best practices. To achieve this, they need to issue digital certificates for their webinars that are verifiable, secure, and easy to access, maintain, and share. However, issuing digital certificates in bulk can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially when dealing with different platforms, formats, and designs. Qualistery GmbH faced the following major pain points during issuing certificates in bulk:

Manual and error-prone process: Qualistery GmbH had to manually design, generate, and send certificates to each attendee after every webinar. This was prone to human errors, such as typos, incorrect information, or missing certificates. It also required a lot of time and resources, which could have been used for other core activities.

Lack of branding and customization: Qualistery GmbH wanted to showcase their brand and reputation on their certificates, as well as provide a personalized and memorable experience for their attendees. However, they had limited options to customize and brand their certificates, as developing a custom solution is costly and time-consuming to develop and maintain.

Difficulty in verification and sharing: Qualistery GmbH wanted to ensure that their certificates were authentic and credible, and that they could be easily verified and shared by their attendees on social media platform like LinkedIn. It was difficult to comply with important digital credentials standard for their verifiability. They also had no way to track or measure the reach and impact of their certificates across various platforms or networks.

“As an education provider for the pharmaceutical industry, we need to issue high-quality and traceable certificates. Certopus allows us to do it easily and efficiently.”

Yan Kugel

Yan Kugel

Director, Qualistery


After experiencing the pain points of issuing digital certificates in bulk, Qualistery decided to look for a better solution that would simplify their process, enhance their brand, and increase their customer satisfaction. They started to explore various options for digital credentialing platforms that would suit their needs and goals. They wanted a solution that would offer the following features:

User-friendly design and customization: Qualistery wanted to create stunning and professional-looking certificates that would reflect their brand identity and values. They also wanted to personalize their certificates for each attendee and webinar, and have the flexibility to use their own designs or templates.

Bulk generation and automation: Qualistery wanted to save time and resources by automating their certificate issuance process. They wanted to generate and send certificates to hundreds of attendees in minutes, without any manual intervention or errors. They also wanted to integrate their certificate issuance with their existing tools and platforms, such as their LMS and webinar software.

White-labeled branded experience: Qualistery wanted to showcase their certificates on their own website, with their own domain and logo. They wanted to build trust and recognition as white-labeled certificates looks like a native part of their own website.

After reviewing several digital credentialing platforms, Qualistery found that Certopus was the best fit for their requirements.


By opting for Certopus, Qualistery has transformed their digital credentialing process and achieved remarkable results. With Certopus, Qualistery has not only improved their operational efficiency and reduced their costs, but also increased their customer satisfaction and retention. They have received positive feedback from their attendees and learners, who have appreciated the quality and value of their certificates. They have also seen a boost in their online visibility and reputation, as their certificates have generated more traffic and engagement to their website and social media channels.

This is an example of one of a Qualistery’s white-labelled certificate issued using Certopus.

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